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Zenata Eco City

About Zenata Eco City:

Zenata Eco city: An economic model based on high value added jobs through:

1- International University Campus

International University Campus (15 ha) delivering high-quality education through 3 fields for 8 000 students:

Program starting in 2022:

  • Business (partner to be found)

  • Engineering (2022):

  • Medical studies (2023):


2- Integrated Healthcare center

Integrated Healthcare center (10 ha) certified JCI developed by Saudi German Hospital, a MENA major health actor

Program starting in 2022:

  • Healthcare unit (2022): 300 beds 

  • Medical Tower: medical offices for liberal practitioners

  • Paramedical Training Center 

  • Accommodation offer for visitors

  • Staff & student accommodation



3- Retail center

Zenata shopping & family leisure center (120 000 m² GLA) will offer a wide range of goods and brands (both national and international) by the JV: Marjane Holding (Morocco), Al  Futtaim Group (UAE) and Sonae  Sierra (Portugal)


  • Phase I (2016): 

  • Phase II (2022): 60 000 m² GLA 

  • Phase III GLA (2025): 30 000 m² 


Key Figures:

Screen Shot 2020-09-14 at 12.50.10

Zenata Eco City Location:

A strategic location of 1830 ha within a catchment area of 8 million inhabitants.

The Future Of Zenata Eco City:

Screen Shot 2020-09-14 at 11.59.47

Nowadays, Greater Casablanca, a metropolis of 3,7 million inhabitants and an economic hub of the country, faces three main issues :

  • A steady population growth: it should host 60% additional households by 2030 

  • Unbalances between the East and the West of the city especially in terms of services such as commerce, leisure, education, health, etc

  • A shortage of available land

  • The global urban plan that foresees an urbanization of 20 000 ha includes Zenata territory as a strategic land reserve for the past 30 years.


Zenata is a 1 830 ha area, located in the Ain Harrouda municipality, in the 2nd ring, North of Greater Casablanca. It stretches out along the Atlantic coastline over 5,35 km and a depth of 3,5 km from the sea to the highway.

Zenata is strategically located at the crossroads of two of the largest cities of the Kingdom: Rabat and Casablanca.

Zenata New City development focuses on 4 iconic activities organized through productivity zones. These activities represent strong potential growth for a continuous urban development:

  • A 10 ha integrated health center A 20 ha education center

  • A 120 000 m2 GLA, on a 20 ha area, supra regional commercial center. It will offer

  • a wide variety of goods and a large family entertainment facility. Expected opening date: 2017 

  • A 200 ha logistic center launched by His Majesty King Mohammed VI on May 2010 and carried by the National Ports Agency.

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